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Grow your Workers' Compensation Rehab Program!

A partnership with OccuPro helps practices see a significant increase in referrals and a return on investment within months. Follow our three easy steps and take your workers' comp industrial rehab program to the next level.

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Increase Your Workers' Comp Revenue

Enter the number of workers' compensation patients you see annually to see the total of new and existing revenue generated using our innovative approach

"I had a return on my investment within two months of implementation! The courses and software, combined with customer support, enhanced my industrial rehab services – BRILLIANT!"

Keith Hatch, PT, OCS – Omni Orthopedic Physical Therapy



FCE tester doing research before testifying in a case

Legally Defensible Functional Capacity Evaluations

Concerned you may be called to testify based on the results of your FCE? Jim Mecham covers several topics you will want to know to make sure your results hold up in a court of law.


San Antonio, Nashville, Kenosha, Philadelphia, Orlando, Las Vegas

Our 2019 Course Schedule Has Been Finalized!

We are traveling to Kenosha, WI; San Antonio, TX; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Orlando, FL; and Las Vegas, NV in 2019! Register for a course today to claim a spot!

White Papers

Are FCEs Effective For Patients With Chronic Pain?

Are FCEs Effective For Patients With Chronic Pain?

NEW White Paper written by Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE, discussing unique challenges in returning an injured worker to their job when they have chronic pain.

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We are your one-stop shop for workers' comp, ergonomic, and physical therapy equipment

OccuPro Service Network

OccuPro Network

Our network consists of certified functional capacity evaluation testers, return-to-work specialty clinics, and work hardening/work conditioning specialists who have been certified by OccuPro or use our evidence based, valid, and reliable software. This network gives physicians, insurance carriers, employers, and case managers the ability to search for highly skilled and certified providers throughout the world.

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