2021 Webinar Series

How-Tos  Industrial Rehab Professionals Need to Know

Enjoy 10 how-tos that industrial rehab professionals need to know! Topics include FCEs, Post Offer, Work Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Ergonomics, and much more!

How to Determine Frequency and Duration With Treatment for Work-Related-Injuries

Are you wondering how often or how long you should be treating work-related injuries on-site? Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE covers how to establish guidelines when treating work-related injuries and providing the clinician a framework on how to build a successful outcome with employers.

How to Develop and Progress Job Simulation Circuits in a Work Conditioning Program

Attend Paige Shafer's (MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS) webinar where she covers how to create job simulations for your work conditioning clients and set up circuit activities incorporating all of the essential job functions a client may have to perform. Also discussed, is how to appropriately progress the non-material handling and material handling activities within the circuits.

How to Grow Your Workers’ Compensation PT and OT Referrals

Jim Mecham, Chief Operations Officer of OccuPro provides his insights on how to maximize your workers’ comp outpatient referrals. It remains key to make sure you have all the tools, procedures, and documentation strategies to wow the full array of work comp stakeholders to make sure you are thought of first when it comes to rehabilitating the injured worker.

How to Begin Growing an Early Intervention Program

Early intervention programs are a good way to diversify your practice and help employers manage recordable injuries. Steve Ziccarelli, Business Development Manager of OccuPro, shares his insights on the key concepts to grow a program, gain leads, and land meetings. He will shares his thoughts on creating a proposal and the key components to a successful presentation.

How to Determine Sitting/Standing in a Functional Capacity Evaluation

Sitting and Standing are very important and often overlooked parts of a functional capacity evaluation. Eric Ahonen, ATC/L, CFCE of OccuPro chats on how to properly determine your client's safe sitting and standing abilities using an objective foundation. He will also discuss when you should utilize Frequency vs. Hours in your FCE and how to utilize this data to determine your client's potential to return to full-time or part-time work.

How to Determine When to Use Repetitions, Weight, or Frequency for Post-Offer Employment Tests

Watch Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE webinar where he provides various job examples that will leave you with a better understanding of how and when to select repetition, weight, or frequency with your POETs.

How to Test and Implement Constant Material Handling and Constant Job Tasks Into a Work Conditioning Program

Paige Shafer, MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS, discusses how to test constant material handling tasks, and how to incorporate these into work conditioning circuits. She also covers particular job tasks that are performed at a constant rate, however may only be performed in short or intermittent intervals during the work day or work week.

How to Grow Your Cash-Based Ergonomic and Prevention Services at Local and National Employers

Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE covers some of the latest strategies and tried and true strategies he has learned over his 25-years of providing cash-based ergonomic and on-site early intervention services at employers.

How to Show a ROI of Your Early Intervention Program

Implementing early intervention and injury prevention programs are one way employers can proactively address the cost of work comp claims. Steve Ziccarelli, Business Development Manager of OccuPro, shares his insights on how to generate and show a return on investment back to employers for these programs.

How to Calculate Constant Material Handling Abilities in a FCE

Constant material handling activities occur rarely at work. Clinicians are unsure how to properly evaluate these demands when needed in a FCE. Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE will discuss the necessary steps to determine if constant material handling is required in your FCE and how to properly evaluate your client's abilities.