2019 Webinar Series

OccuPro Foundation

This series has wrapped up! Watch the recorded episodes to learn how to enhance your workers' compensation program!

Building a Solid Foundation:
Workers' Compensation 101

Our experts explain how you can maximize your workers' comp referrals and revenue and improve your outpatient rehab program.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Functional Capacity Evaluations

Learn the trends from workers' compensation insurance carriers, third party administrators, the disability system, and the pros and cons of doing FCEs in today's market.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Increasing your Outpatient Workers' Compensation Referrals

Learn the simple steps needed to see an immediate increase in workers' compensation referrals and revenue.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Work Hardening/Work Conditioning

Industry experts demonstrate how you can double and triple your work conditioning referrals within weeks.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Marketing 101

Our instructors outline the techniques that will significantly increase your outpatient workers' comp, functional capacity evaluation, and work conditioning referrals!

Building a Solid Foundation:
Cash-Based Employer Services

Preventative services for your employer customers is HOT! Watch as we outline various cash-based employer services and rank them from HOT to NOT.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Employers are looking to place PTs, OTs, and ATs on-site to prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries. Our presenters discuss the latest trends and how to obtain these cash-based contracts.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Job Analysis and Post Offer Employment Testing

The economy is pumping and employers are hiring like crazy but most employers do not want to hire their next injury. Join us as we discuss the simple steps to take your clinic and use it to capture the ever growing area of post offer/pre employment testing and job description development.

Building a Solid Foundation:
Q&A with the Experts

Join industry experts as they answer your questions!