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OccuPro provides functional capacity evaluation certification, industrial rehab specialist certification, office ergonomic evaluator certification and ergonomic evaluator certification for professionals in the business of rehabilitation, wellness, safety and health, and other fields associated with industrial rehabilitation and ergonomics.  When completing OccuPro's continuing education courses you are considered a certified trained evaluator and are able to perform any of the evaluations or services you have completed in regards to the course you attended.

Clinicians, safety and health, wellness and various other professionals may apply for higher level certification following the demonstration of appropriate high level skills within their chosen profession.  The certifications available through OccuPro include:

An OccuPro trained professional has met stringent criteria in their certification(s) of choice. They are considered the crown jewel of their industry. Clinicians looking for the most respected level of certification are trained by OccuPro. 

Clinics who use OccuPro's highly sought after Return-to-Work Software are clinics who are deemed specialists in the treatment of the injured worker since they are using the industry's most comprehensive suite and approach to industrial rehab.

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