Workers' Compensation Insurance/Payor Partnership

OccuPro has partnered with major workers' compensation insurance companies and payors so our thousands of customers can easily disseminate rehabilitation, work hardening/conditioning and FCE notes/reports within minutes of completion. OccuPro customers are seeing 30,000 visits per month and now have a direct way to send documentation to payors.

Payor Portal
Payor Portal screenshot
FCE charts

Portal Benefits

The payor portal makes it easy for OccuPro software customers to send payors’ information that returns the injured worker back to full-duty work – faster, and OccuPro customers get paid quicker for their therapy services!

  • Real-time access to OccuPro documentation
  • Access to objective workers’ compensation outcome data
  • Return the injured worker back to work faster and safer
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Our Workers' Comp Partners

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