Return-to-Work Software

  • Re-evaluations performed within the system will bill out using a higher-paying CPT code, which is reimbursed 100% of the time
  • Functional Progress Notes and Functional Discharge Summaries will differentiate you from competitors and increase your referrals
  • Built-in research recommends the frequency, duration, and length of stay in a convenient auto-generated rehab recommendation report
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National Averages

FCE Software

  • Fastest report completion and generation system on the market – reports will be ready in minutes after you complete the evaluation
  • We have performed peer reviewed reliability and validity research on our system with ongoing research being performed every year
  • We work with insurance companies and third-party organizations to make sure the payer approves of the FCE reports generated by our system
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Upper Extremity Testing
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I have been trained in multiple FCE systems and have been using my own testing method for years. I recently switched to OccuPro and love it!

POET Software

  • The system automatically collects and displays pass/fail or met/unmet data to immediately show the benefit you are providing your customer and will calculate if your test meets disparate impact
  • Immediately email completed Post Offer and Fit-for-Duty tests to your customers while providing back-door access to the software to store and view completed reports
  • Upon purchase, receive access to our growing network of 2,000+ locations to have your tests performed
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Injury Prevention Software

  • For your convenience, this incident management software allows you to schedule future appointments and edit/view upcoming appointments via the dashboard at any time
  • The dashboard provides real-time data on total incidents, non-work-related vs work-related, and average visits per case
  • Sort and export information on your employees and view the early intervention start date, number of visits, and summary notes on work-related incidents
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Work and non-work incident report

Implementation is easy as 1-2-3 and can help your clinic grow!

We help take the guesswork out of paperwork, allowing you more time to see patients and increase your revenue stream.

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Our goal is your success! We’re here to help grow your program through unlimited clinical and technical support.

Revenue, revenue, revenue

We are confident you will see a ROI within two months and see a significant increase in revenue and referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is determined by your clinic size and how many users you plan on having use the software. Contact us today for more information and to receive a personalized quote.
We believe there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on special equipment when the basics will do the job. If you are in need of workers' comp, ergonomic, or physical therapy equipment, shop our affordable equipment options. We also provide unlimited clinical and technical support and free tutorials demonstrating every feature of the system.
OccuPro supports integration with most EHR (Electronic Health Record) and (Electronic Medical Record) systems. Most integrations follow one of these common approaches: HL7, API, or Single Sign-On (SSO). Learn more about our integration process
Yes. Our software includes the latest research, guidelines, and testing methodologies.
We are dedicated to having the best system on the market. We listen to customer feedback and make weekly updates to continue adding features that get you the most of your OccuPro experience.

To view our FCE, Return-to-Work, and POET Licensing Agreement, click here.

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