2020 Webinar Series

Webinar with the Experts

Watch our 2020 webinar series that discusses work conditioning, FCEs, post offer employment testing, and ergonomics.

Benefits of Pre-Shift Stretching for Injury Prevention Programs

The title says it all. Join Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE as he discusses the benefits of pre-shift stretching when implementing injury prevention programs.

How to Determine a WH/WC Recommendation From an Outpatient Functional Progress Note

Learn from Paige Shafer, MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS how to determine a work hardening and conditioning recommendation from an outpatient Functional Progress Note!

Properly Using and Scoring the Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) Ergonomic Tool

Learn how to use and score the REBA ergonomic tool during this webinar taught by Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE.

Making Pain More Objective in a Functional Capacity Evaluation

You don't want to miss this! Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE discusses the research and tools to better understand and utilize a client's pain reports in a more objective and clinically relevant way

Benefits of Dynamic Functional Testing Compared to Isokinetic Testing in POETs

Join Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE as he discusses the latest research and case law to better understand whether you should be using incremental dynamic lifting (standard box lifting) or isokinetic testing, in post offer employment testing.

How to Effectively Progress Material Handling in a Work Hardening and Conditioning Program

Paige Shafer, MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS discusses the research and clinical decision making in how to appropriately progress a client in your work hardening or work conditioning program.

Office Ergonomics and the Latest Research on Sit and Stand Workstations

Join Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE as he discusses the latest trends and evidence-based research regarding sitting and standing office ergonomic workstations.

What is the Role of a Functional Capacity Evaluation in a SSI/SSDI Claim?

Listen in as Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE discusses the specifics of a Residual Functional Capacity Assessment including documentation the Social Security Administration is looking for in your FCE based on their Federal Regulation Code.

Do’s and Don’ts for Therapists Providing Injury Prevention Services Within OSHA First Aid Guidelines

Is your practice considering providing OSHA first aid on-site at companies? If so, join Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE for some information on this trending service! Tom will provide details on the guidelines of OSHA first aid and what your clinicians need to know.

Factors for Successful Work Hardening/Conditioning Outcomes

Join Paige Shafer's (MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS) webinar as she discusses factors that contribute to successful work hardening and conditioning outcomes and the metrics to track in determining program outcomes!

Highlights of the 2018 Publication: Current Concepts in Functional Capacity Evaluation

The APTA updated their Functional Capacity Evaluation Guidelines with the latest FCE research and titled it, “Current Concepts in Functional Capacity Evaluation: A Best Practice Guideline”.

Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE discusses some of the practices that came out of this document after two years of research regarding the latest evidence regarding FCEs.

Incorporating Normative Data in Your Functional Capacity Evaluation

Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE reviews normative data that is commonly referenced in FCEs, discusses if you should incorporate normative data and how much emphasis should be placed when making objective clinical decisions.