Live Webcast Course Procedure

Once the Live Webcast course and course material is purchased the course material will be shipped to the course attendee within 48 hours. This course material is the same course material provided to attendees live in the room at an OccuPro course.

OccuPro will monitor the shipment of the course material to the attendee.

On the day of the Live Webcast course the course attendee will login to, navigate to this course and click the button that says to join this course. The course will be automatically loaded, and the course attendee will follow the course prompts to join the course.

If using the Internet/Voice over IP option, the course attendee will need speakers and a microphone hooked up to your computer to be interactive with the course instructor and students in the training room.

Otherwise, the attendee can be interactive with the instructor and other attendees through the Internet and a phone line/teleconference. Please note OccuPro will provide a 1-800 number to dial into but if using your cell phone, you may be charged for its use per minute.

A third option of being interactive with the course would include having speakers on your computer and interacting with the course instructor through chat features via the internet and introduced in the beginning of the course.

Following your course completion, the attendee will complete an online quiz to verify they have participated in the Live Webcast course and they will need to pass at a score of 80% or better. Following the quiz, the course attendee will fill out an online course feedback form and will immediately be issued their course certificate which will be available for them under the “My Certificates” link online at


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