Our Story

In 2002, Carmelo Tenuta, PT and Jim Mecham, OT, first met and realized they both had a passion to work with injured workers. They quickly began the development of the OccuPro Software, training, and employer consulting services.

Therapist using original software

The Beginning

In 2002, Jim Mecham started researching and developing OccuPro’s Functional Capacity Evaluation System and began testing it in an outpatient physical and occupational therapy practice in Wisconsin/Illinois. The system and approach quickly became popular and well received by physicians, case managers, and attorneys. Jim and Carmelo quickly realized that the methods developed in the FCE would work well throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

Instructor teaching four students

Software & Training

In 2003, software version 1.0 released, and clinics began seeing a significant increase in referrals. Because of this we began training medical professionals an approach which focused on testing return-to-work function during outpatient therapy, using research to progress to work conditioning, and doing FCEs when necessary, using the OccuPro system.

Software used in training course

Version 2.0

OccuPro began growing by leaps and bounds while providing both software and continuing education. In 2004, several upgrades were realized and the initial stages of the FCE and Return-to-Work Software were born. In 2005, version 2.0 was launched to rave reviews. This web-based platform allowed us to scale the system throughout the entire United States.

Jim Mecham teaching large group of students

Continuing Education

Between 2005 and 2013 OccuPro’s continuing education became recognized as the highest of quality and evidence-based. To reach a larger audience, we installed high level technology to provide live interactive webcast and on demand streaming options. We also expanded our course offerings to train in post offer testing, ergonomics, and OSHA first aid injury prevention.

CFCE Certification hanging on wall


In 2010, thousands of professionals worldwide had taken our training courses. Customers began requesting higher level recognition as being certified in the various areas OccuPro was teaching. We formed a certification committee and rigorous certification criteria and launched our certified:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluator
  • Industrial Rehab Specialist
  • Industrial Ergonomic Evaluator
  • Office Ergonomic Evaluator
FCE Software sitting on empty table

Version 3.0

In 2013, version 3.0 of our FCE, Return-to-Work, and POET Software was launched. To withstand the growing wave of users implementing our system, we decided to increase our storage. Additionally, we listened to feedback and switched to an à la carte approach. New customers began seeing a return on investment within one month of putting in any or all pieces of software.

Therapist typing in software

Workers’ Comp Documentation System

In 2014, OccuPro’s Return-to-Work Software became the gold standard for clinics and payers when it came to workers’ compensation documentation. As we continued to put resources into making this software better, it became the most trusted work hardening documentation tool.

Laptop with Electronic Health Record


In 2018, therapy clinics were requesting to use our software exclusively on all work comp patients. We launched various single sign-on (SSO) options and began integrating with many patient management and therapy documentation systems. This seamless approach vaulted our customers to the front of the referral line.

Female using the Injury Prevention Software

Injury Prevention Software

In 2019, the need for OSHA first aid injury prevention was exploding and we were asked on numerous occasions if we had a system for this specialty area. To meet the needs of the industry we developed what is considered the best OSHA first aid/early interventions system on the market.

Outcome Data on v4.0

Version 4.0

OccuPro’s growth over the last 20 years has allowed us to continually invest back into our software. We are excited as we are in the depths right now of developing version 4.0 of our FCE, POET, and Return-to-Work Software. Some of the features and outcome data mining features will continue to help vault our customers into leaders in their market in rehabilitating and returning the injured worker back to work.


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