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FCEs and Chronic Pain White Paper

Are FCEs Effective for Patients With Chronic Pain?

If you have ever worked in industrial rehab, you are aware of the unique challenges of returning injured workers to their job when they have chronic pain. This patient population requires great attention to psychosocial factors that may influence their perceived pain. Join us as we discuss the detail on how effective FCEs are for patients with chronic pain.

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ADA(AA) & FMLA 101 White Paper

ADA(AA) & FMLA 101: A Primer on Employment Law for Employment Testing Providers

Do you understand the basics of The Amendments Act , The Americans with Disabilities Act, and The Family Medical Leave Act? This reading covers the basic provisions of these and the legal landscape to limit your liability.

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How to Choose FCE Software White Paper

How to Choose FCE Software

Adding service lines within the realm of workers’ comp rehab will help you diversify your clinic and provide higher-paying revenue streams. FCE Software is crucial to your reimbursements. Learn how to select the best one for your practice.

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Grow Your Practice White Paper

How to Give Your Industrial Rehab Program a Boost

Workers’ comp revenue is maintaining its reimbursement levels and, in many states, continues to rise on a year-to-year basis. Learn the latest strategies for improving your industrial rehab program to stay ahead of the trends.

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Market and Sell Services White Paper

How to Market and Sell Post Offer Employment Test Services

Workers’ compensation based preventive programs are on the rise as employers now consider these preventative services a real value to their retention and recruiting efforts. Now is the time for you to learn more about how to market your Post Offer Employment Testing services (POET) to companies like this.

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What is a FPN? White Paper

Functional Progress Notes

Since its creation in 1998, the Functional Progress Note has been the rehab industry's best return-to-work documentation tool. Learn more about its creation and methodology in becoming a widely relied-on documentation by providers.

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How You Learn… White Paper

Personality Types: How You Learn Is Based on Who You Are

OccuPro values the learning styles of all our customers and knows that no two students are alike. Learn how OccuPro integrates learning theory into our education delivery model using our five-sense approach, so we can meet learners where they are and continue to improve ourselves.

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