On Demand Course Procedure

Once the On Demand course is purchased the course attendee will have immediate access to begin the course and view/download the course material. The course attendee may also purchase the course material and if purchased, the course material will be shipped to the attendee within 48 hours of purchase. This course material is the same course material provided to attendees live in the room at an OccuPro course.

OccuPro will monitor the shipment of the course material.

The course attendee will have three months to complete the course. (OccuPro will allow for longer course durations per approval from OccuPro.) After the initial three-month period, attendees may be granted additional time to complete the course, up to a maximum of 6 months at no additional cost. Attendees will be able to purchase one-month course extensions for $50.00, as needed, to complete their purchased course. These one-month extensions will be available until 12 months from the original course purchase date. After 12 months, attendee would not be eligible to purchase a course extension and would be required to re-purchase their course.

Following course completion, the attendee will be required to complete an online quiz and score 80% or better to finish the course. Following the successful completion of the quiz a course attendee will fill out an online course feedback form. After the completion of the course feedback form the course attendee will be provided a calendar and times to schedule a course completion interview with one of OccuPro’s course instructors. This post course interview will be performed to verify the On Demand attendee has completed the course with question and answer sessions with a course instructor. This is also an opportunity for the course attendee to ask questions of the course instructor to clarify items to help in the growth of their program. Following successful completion of the course wrap up interview, the course instructor will issue a course certificate which will be available within the attendees login at www.occupro.net and within the section titled “My Certificates”.


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