Grow Your Workers' Compensation Program!

Looking to increase your referrals? Follow our three easy steps and take your industrial rehab workers comp' program to the next level.

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Step 1: Take our most popular course 

Clinics who experience a large increase in referrals often complete our popular Functional Capacity Evaluation + Return-to-Work + Work Hardening/Conditioning Certification Course. This training course teaches you how to perform workers' comp services and incorporate the most profitable approach to industrial rehab.

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Step 2: Implement Return-to-Work Software

The next step consists of implementing our Return-to-Work Software which features initial therapy evaluations, discharge summaries, work hardening and conditioning evaluation, and weekly work conditioning progress notes. These progress notes reimburse higher than your current re-evals, differentiate you from your competition, and lead to more work conditioning referrals.

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Step 3: Implement FCE Software

The third step is to implement our Functional Capacity Evaluation Software which provides testing flexibility, determines the exact percentage of the job an injured employee can perform, and can be used for disability purposes. The system is fully customizable and post test documentation is completed in minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which software system should I implement first – OccuPro's FCE or RTW?

Many practices think implementing our Functional Capacity Evaluation Software is the first step. This is only the case if you have a referral source who is ready to send you FCEs or if you are performing FCEs and need a better performing system. A clinic will benefit most from implementing our Return-to-Work Software which includes progress notes that will reimburse higher than your current re-evals, differentiate you from your competition, and lead to more work conditioning referrals.

Do I need OccuPro training and certification before using the software?

We always encourage software users to become certified through OccuPro, however, we realize that many clinicians have years of experience performing functional capacity evaluations, return-to-work rehab, and work hardening/work conditioning programs. We have hundreds of customers who have been trained and certified in other systems/methodologies who have easily adapted to our software.

Do I need special equipment?

We believe you do not need expensive or proprietary equipment to perform functional capacity evaluations. The need for content validity in your FCEs or work conditioning programs lends to purchasing basic equipment that is available on the open market. You can purchase this basic and less expensive workers' compensation, ergonomic, and physical therapy equipment right from us.

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Is OccuPro the best software available for me?

Certainly this is a biased response, however, no other system offers clinical and technical support like we do. Our thousands of users experience weekly and monthly updates that improve speed, report generation efficiency, as well as evidence and research based improvements that are always being implemented. We are confident no other system on the market will provide you with the value you will receive from OccuPro.

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