Learn from the Ergonomic Practitioner of the Year!

That's right! Jim Mecham is honored to receive this great award that recognizes his achievements in the creative application of ergonomics, including process improvement, education, applied instrumentation, and product development.

To celebrate, we're providing discounts on all ergonomic courses so you can learn from the industry's best!

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Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE
Warehouse worker with therapist

On Demand – Industrial Ergonomic Evaluator Certification Course

  • Select and describe current ergonomic evaluation tools and protocols
  • Differentiate risk factors associated with upper extremity and low back ergonomic injuries
  • Choose and apply internationally recognized upper extremity and low back ergonomic tools
  • Prepare, identify, and select engineering, administrative, and work practice controls/ergonomic solutions
  • Demonstrate the ability to use upper extremity and low back ergonomic assessment tools in multiple industrial and manufacturing environments
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Three employees typing on computers

On Demand – Office Ergonomic Evaluator Certification Course

  • Identify and perform current office ergonomic evaluation tools
  • Differentiate common office ergonomic assessment tools and their benefits
  • Identify common computer ergonomic risk factors and solutions
  • Identify/select basic methods of implementing ergonomic workstation solutions
  • Select appropriate engineering and administrative controls to reduce risk factors
  • Develop and implement a full injury reduction program
  • Perform a full office work station ergonomic analysis and present findings to classmates
  • Add to Cart – Remember to use code "CongratsJim" to save 20%!

What an unbelievable honor to have been given this most prestigious award. I have enjoyed my 25 years of providing ergonomic services to employers throughout North America simply due to the fact that when you make a work area safer for an employee, you are helping a human being be safer and spend more quality time with their loved ones. Thank you, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., and thank you Applied Ergonomics Conference for an outstanding awards ceremony.
– Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE


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