Why We Chose OccuPro

Jill J. Page, Owner/Partner at CapacityLAB in Birmingham, AL writes in about her company's decision making process when selecting a documentation system and her experience with the OccuPro Software.

Staff lifting and moving boxes off assembly line

On-Site OSHA First Aid for Work-Related Injuries

This blog brings light to high-level services geared towards reducing and eliminating medical costs. This read includes an example showcasing the benefits of these offerings.

Female warehouse employee wrapping splint around her wrist

On-Site Early Intervention: Non Work-Related Injuries Improving Health And Wellness

Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE, writes about a visit he had at a company to help an employee dealing with a non-work-related injury. Read his blog post to see the results!

Physician looking over a Functional Discharge Summary on a mobile device

Building & Marketing Your Workers’ Comp Program

Paige Shafer's new blog post puts focus on the ways to build and market your clinics workers' compensation services.


What is Ergonomics?

Tom Rothery, OTR, CFCE, breaks down ergonomics – the study of designing equipment, devices, and processes that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities.


What I’ve learned in my 18 years doing FCEs

Paige Shafer, MS, OTR/L, CFCE, CEAS, writes about three useful tips that have helped her be a more effective functional capacity evaluator over her 18 year career.

Clinical and technical support staff

Is your Workers' Comp Software secure and future-proof?

Today most rehabilitation therapy practices utilize an EHR/EMR software package to assist running their practice, but only some will opt to implement a standalone FCE and/or POET software solution. If you are one of the prudent people who chose to purchase one of the latter solutions, this post is for you.

FCE tester doing research before testifying in a case

Legally Defensible Functional Capacity Evaluations

Concerned you may be called to testify based on the results of your FCE? Jim Mecham covers several topics you will want to know to make sure your results hold up in a court.

Shipping employee moving boxes to a truck

Latest Trends in Work Hardening & Conditioning

Do you know the difference between work hardening and work conditioning? Either way make sure to read Jim Mecham's recent blog post which discusses the latest trends in work hardening/conditioning.

Evaluator and patient having a discussion

Improve the Beginning to Improve the End of a FCE

Vic Zuccarello, OTR/L, CEAS II, has written a new blog focusing on the Four Habits Model. A list of tips to use to improve the interview process of a functional capacity evaluation.

Consultant and lawyer shaking hands

FCE – Expert Witness Tips

Looking for tips on what to do if required to testify in a deposition? Vic Zuccarello, OTR/L, CEAS II, offers his advice on what to do in several situations!

Employee with severe back pain

The Beleaguered, Misunderstood Waddell’s Signs

Read Vic Zuccarello's article which discusses Gordon Waddell's 5 categories of tests (Tenderness, Simulation, Distraction, Regional Disturbances, and Over-reaction).

Workers performing an on-site analysis

Have what it takes to be an Industrial Specialist?

Do you have what it takes to be an Industrial Specialist? This great post discusses the misconceptions, truths, and challenges of this very question.

Warehouse employee lifting box at work

Functional Employment Testing Onboarding Done Right

Did you know employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first 18 months of employment? This blog post covers the easy, cost-effective, and legal solution — post offer employment testing!

Magnify glass focused on Functional Capacity Evaluation

Under Scrutiny: The Functional Capacity Evaluation Peer Review

Do you perform FCEs? While research tells us that none are completely valid and reliable, some are better than others. Read more to learn the components and fundamentals of FCE Peer Reviews.

Attorney discussing forms with clients

Defense and Plaintiff Expectations of FCE

What do attorneys look for in functional capacity evaluations? Vic Zuccarello shares his knowledge on the topic!

Patient receiving physical therapy

What I've Learned In 30 Years of Industrial Rehab

How can an Industrial Rehab professional develop a fund of knowledge, build a successful practice, and reach a level of mastery in the field? Vic Zuccarello shares truths that he has noticed over the years.

Nuts and bolts

The Nuts and Bolts of Marketing Strategies

Here is a list of seven marketing strategies and how they work or don't work in getting new worker's compensation patients in the door.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Software on a tablet

What do you need to consider when purchasing a FCE Software?

When deciding on purchasing FCE software there are many pieces to take into consideration. I would suggest having a list of questions so you can compare and decide which would be best for your clinic.

Worker at on-site rehabilitation

The Industrial Athletic Trainer

What do an Athletic Trainer and an Industrial Rehab Program have in common? A lot more then you may think!

Group of people with different backgrounds and jobs

Workers' Comp is a Specialty

As our industry of physical therapy looks to diversify it's patient population and payer mix, we often seek out to develop programs treating the "industrial athlete" or "injured worker" or simply the "work comp patient."

Employee with an on-site injury

Top 5 Work Related Injuries

In 2012 workplace injuries accounted for $60 billion in direct medical cost. Of this, ergonomic related injuries were 32.5% of this cost or a total direct medical cost of $20.4 billion dollars. Wow, $20.4 billion in ergonomic related injuries. Yes, billion with a B!

Warehouse employee placing a box on a shelf

Trends in Post Offer Testing

Post offer employment testing has become very popular for companies worldwide. See what the latest trends are for POETs and learn about the tests you can provide to companies in your area.

Industrial rehab equipment

What equipment do I need to start my FCE test program?

Functional capacity evaluation equipment should be the least expensive aspect of putting in a FCE testing program. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment when there are inexpensive options already on the open market.

Functional Capacity Evaluator Certification

How can I earn a Functional Capacity Evaluator Certification?

Becoming a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator will provide increased recognition as an expert in the field of FCEs. Get certified today and better market your services.

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