How can I earn a FCE Certification?

Feb 28, 2013
Functional Capacity Evaluator Certification

Within the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic and sports medicine lie many opportunities for medical providers to specialize in a specific market. One of these is conducting functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) in an Industrial Rehab Program. Functional capacity evaluations are tests performed following the rehabilitation treatment of individuals who have a goal to return to work. More commonly used to determine if workers' compensation patients are fit to return to work, functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are performed and generally reported to provide proof that the patient is able to complete functional activities related to their job.

As a trained Functional Capacity Evaluator, a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Athletic Trainer or Medical Doctor is qualified to consistently identify safe, occasional, frequent or continuous abilities of their patients utilizing kinesiophysical lifting protocols. Trained evaluators are able to plan, administer, and perform evidence-based FCEs that meet industry reliability and validity levels. Upon completion of their training, the evaluators are able to begin performing FCEs at their clinic or organization.

After completing a Functional Capacity Evaluation Training Program and performing a sufficient number of FCEs, medical providers have the ability to continue their training with an advanced training program. Advanced FCE Trainings are designed to examine various evidence-based, reliable and valid testing methodologies commonly incorporated into in-house testing methodologies and used within commercially based testing methodologies. The evidence-based testing methodologies discussed during these trainings are built around assessment tools that have been court tested with published reliability and validity studies.

Advanced training includes:

  • Identify the most recent evidence based FCE testing methodologies within research
  • Describing the pros and cons of a kinesiophysical vs psychophysical approach
  • Understanding and documenting Advanced FCE testing methodologies
  • Understanding the implications of the Daubert Standard and how to exceed this standard in your testing/documentation
  • Practicing documentation techniques that take your FCE to the highest of testing

The final step, in addition to training, that many medical providers find beneficial when specializing in performing functional capacity evaluation (FCE) tests, is CFCE Certification. Earning Functional Capacity Evaluator Certification gives therapists a competitive edge not only for providing evidence of their training, but for marketing themselves as reliable and experts in their field. Along with achieving personal growth, earning the CFCE Certification has given professionals the opportunity to better market their services and provide higher quality level of service to their clients.

Have you earned CFCE Certification? If so, how has it benefited you?

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