What do you need to consider when purchasing a FCE Software?

Jun 12, 2015
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When deciding on purchasing Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Software there are many pieces to consider. I would suggest having a list of questions so you can compare and decide which system is best for your clinic.

Do I need to take your Functional Capacity Evaluation Course before I can purchase your software?

Many of the FCE software companies require you take their course in order to purchase their software, even if you have been doing FCES for years. A few companies, such as OccuPro, allow you to purchase their software without being required to take a course. This allows the experienced testers to purchase a system and use it however they would like.

Do I need to download your software?

There are some systems that need to be downloaded and can only be accessed on one computer. Some companies offer a web-based system which doesn't require downloading and can be accessed from any operating device.

How often is your software being upgraded?

Make sure to know how often they are updating the FCE software system. If they don't update on a regular basis consider that a red flag. If they do upgrade make sure to ask if you would have to pay an extra fee for that. Software upgrades performed regularly ensures all is running smoothly and that you have the latest and greatest system.

How long after my test will my report be ready to send?

This is very important as this is probably one of the main reasons you are looking to purchase a new system! You want to make sure that after the four hour test you don’t need to spend an additional two hours writing up your report (since you can’t bill for it!). For instance, OccuPro’s reports are generated immediately following your test. It takes only minutes of post-test documentation!

What security measures are being taken to protect my tests/PHI?

This is a very, very important question! Asking this question to the sales person will make it known that you are serious about the protection of your patient’s information. If the company is storing your information on their server they should be able to send you all of their security documents. Also, you want to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant and to ensure they have had no security breaches.

How much is your software?

Obviously this question is a given, but you need to remember to ask the specifics to ensure you are not fooled by any hidden fees. Will you be charged per test? Per provider? Per location? Can you purchase the software outright? Is there a fee for clinical support? Is there a fee for technical support? All of the software companies have different structures so you need to make sure you are choosing the one that is best for your clinic now and in the future.

Do you provide support once I purchase your software?

Support can be a broad term so make sure you ask what kind of support is provided. Is there clinical support available to all providers? Is there technical support provided in case there is a glitch with the software? If so, when is it available? Is there an extra cost to train all providers how to use the software? At OccuPro all clients receive unlimited support and are provided with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help with all support needs.

Does your software only allow me to do FCEs?

There are some systems that not only provide FCEs, but also work hardening/conditioning evaluations, Progress Notes, Discharge Summaries, post offer employment testing, etc. If you are looking to implement a full return-to-work program make sure you are looking for a software that does more than just FCEs. Also make sure to ask if all the pieces of software flow together to make sure you can go from test to test without having to input the same information.

What makes you different than the other software systems?

This is a great final question to really see what sets them apart from everybody else. You want to make sure that what they say is truly different from the others and that it is something that could benefit your clinic. If the software offering is different and allows you to provide something different than your competitor it in the end will drive more referrals and revenue to your practice.

I hope these questions can help you better determine which functional capacity evaluation software system is best for you and your clinic. Make sure you ask the tough questions so you understand how this system can help you grow.

For more information on our FCE Software, contact us at 866-470-4440 or email info@occupro.net.

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