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We are an outpatient, workers’ comp only, clinic, staffed with two clinicians who both have over 25 years of experience treating injured workers. When we opened, we needed an electronic documentation system that was functional and addressed the specific needs of the workers’ comp clients-a system that allowed you to input the job demand requirements, compare the injured worker’s abilities to the job to easily see and address the deficits and track progress over the course of treatment in an easy to read/understand format. The OccuPro Software is the only system that concentrates on these specific needs and they do an excellent job at it.

As we shopped, we discovered that there are LOTS of clinical documentation suites from which to choose. Most of the available systems focus heavily on the rules for supervision and billing of a federal caseload. Those requirements didn’t help us; they actually hindered how we needed to document. That’s bad. Some systems would allow us to design our own templates, but most of these customizations wouldn’t carry over functional documentation to the next visit, causing cumbersome electronic document “flipping”. Not efficient. The customizations came at a cost, too…not just the upfront fee associated with the creation, but when software updates were issued, the customizations may or may not carry over or might even prevent the installation of the newest version. Not good.

In OccuPro, we are able to record the job demands and indicate where we got the job description (client, employer, DOT, etc.). From that information, tasks are highlighted for the clinician to address during the evaluation, create goals and follow that information over the plan of care. It’s intuitive to use, the training is friendly (in person learning or online). Customer support is outstanding and responsive. OccuPro has the added benefit of including employer based services (job descriptions and post offer employment testing) and functional capacity evaluation. The feedback from our customers has been very positive-one case manager told us “your report is visually beautiful.”

If you are looking (like we were) for a solid platform to document the care of your workers’ compensation population, save yourself the time and effort of trying to make another system work for you (who can afford to waste time?). Choose OccuPro. We are incredibly happy about our decision. How often do you hear that when therapists talk about their documentation system?

Jill J. Page, OTR/L, CEAS

Jill J. Page, OTR/L, CEAS is Owner/Partner at CapacityLAB in Birmingham, AL. She has experience in the treatment of the industrial rehabilitation population, performance of FCEs, job demands analysis, job descriptions, post offer employment screening, collection of outcome measurements, and presenting to industries regarding injury prevention and body mechanics instruction.

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