Why Are Private Practices Interested in Return-to-Work (RTW) Software?

Jun 06, 2023
Return-to-Work Recommendations

One of the most popular questions we receive when a practice calls us is, “What can I do to get more worker’s comp referrals?” Our answer to them is simple, "Implement our Return-to-Work Software."

Since Covid, many practices are looking for ways to increase referrals and gain back the revenue loss incurred over the past few years. Workers' compensation is one of the best, if not the best, payers. Most practices are already treating work comp patients in their clinic, however, they are not documenting any differently than other patients. That is where OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software comes into play. Implement and notice:

A unique system that offers specific work comp documentation (approved by insurance carriers) that your EMR system cannot do.

Therapists can provide referral source(s) the exact information they need – what is the patient able to do and when are they able to return to work?

These notes replace traditional re-evaluations and reimburse at a much higher rate.

Discharge summary notes show when a patient is ready to be discharged or if they require the patient to enter a work conditioning program.

These notes alone typically transfer 20-25% of your work comp patients into your work conditioning program. Plus, you are then able to document all work conditioning treatments in this software as well!

If you’re already treating work comp patients, or want to start, our Return-to-Work Software will set you up for success with every patient. It will not only provide great-looking reports specific to their job demands, which is exactly what the referral sources want to see, but it will also increase the referrals coming through your door. It’s a win-win for you and your referral sources!

Interested in our software? Contact Ashley Zenefski, National Sales Manager, by email at azenefski@occupro.net to schedule a free demonstration and see how the system can help your clinic!

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