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"I currently use every feature within the software and remain very pleased with its ease of use and clear concise reports. The time saved on generating reports is phenomenal!"

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE - Magnolia Regional Health Center

Functional Capacity Evaluation Software

Clinics using OccuPro's FCE Software see a significant increase in functional capacity evaluation referrals due to our reports being considered the best and easiest-to-read reports on the market.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Software on laptop

Fast Report Completion and Generation

OccuPro's Functional Capacity Evaluation Software is the fastest FCE report completion and generation software on the market. Your reports will be ready in minutes after you complete the evaluation with your patient.

Researched based testing

OccuPro has performed peer reviewed reliability and validity research on our system with continued ongoing research being performed every year.

Insurance company and TPA approved system

OccuPro has worked directly with insurance companies and third party administrator organizations to make sure the payer approves of the FCE reports generated by the OccuPro FCE Software. This direct relationship with these payers provides our customers with increased referrals .

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Return-to-Work Software

Clinics who implement OccuPro's RTW Software often see an increase in workers' compensation referrals and work hardening/conditioning referrals within six months of implementation.

Increase Workers' Compensation Revenue

Medical practices implementing OccuPro's RTW Software see a significant increase in workers' compensation revenue. The unique re-evaluations performed within the software bill out using a higher paying re-evaluation CPT code, which is reimbursed 100% of the time.

Workers' Compensation approved re-evaluations

Clinics who implement OccuPro's RTW Software begin using our proprietary, trademarked, and insurance company approved Functional Progress Notes and Functional Discharge Summaries. These reports will differentiate you from your competitors and the referrals will pour in.

Triple your Work Hardening/Work Conditioning referrals

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software has built in work hardening/conditioning evidence based research that helps guide a therapist down the path of needing this specialty program. The software then recommends the frequency, duration, and length of stay in an automatically generated work hardening/conditioning rehab recommendation. This feature helps clinics triple their referrals.

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Return-to-Work Software on laptop

Post Offer Employment Testing Software

Take advantage of our POET Software and customize your personal Post Offer Employment Test while tapping into the OccuPro Network of over 2,000 locations!

Post Offer Employment Testing Software on laptop

Pass/Fail - Met/Unmet Data Collection

OccuPro's POET Software will automatically collect and display pass/fail or met/unmet data to immediately show the benefit you are providing to your customer. Whether your test meets disparate impact will also be automatically calculated for testers.

E-mail reports to customers

Immediately email completed POETs or Fit-for-Duty Tests to your customer while providing them with back door access to the software to store and view their completed reports.

OccuPro Network

OccuPro has a network of over 2,000 locations who use our software. Upon purchasing our POET/Fit-for-Duty Software you will have immediate access to this network to have your tests performed.

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What People Say About Us

I currently use every feature within the software and remain very pleased with its ease of use and clear concise reports. The time saved on generating reports is phenomenal!

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE
Magnolia Regional Health Center

My second FCE using OccuPro was ready to send to the doctor right after completing the evaluation. I had previously been using a different FCE system and was never before able to complete my report on the same day as the test.

Elizabeth Gaffron, MOTR/L, LMT

We have been using the software since April 2013. The reports have been a great asset to our return-to-work program. The ability to provide objective information in an easy to read format has been very well accepted by case managers and physicians. Also, thank you for providing a very informative FCE + RTW + WH/WC Certification Course. It was very easy to get everything in place and functional afterwards.

Tracey Hatcher, LAT, CSCS
Advance Rehabilitation

Performing Job Demands Analysis using the Return-to-Work Software is extremely simple. Employers tell me all of the time that they love the reports that I send them!

Joan Korpi, OTR/L, CEA
Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

I have been using OccuPro's Software for more than 8 years and it is an excellent tool! Every provider in my practice has had the software training and it has helped us be efficient with our workers' comp patients for functional testing and updates. We are also involved in post-offer pre-employment testing for area industries; OccuPro has made the reports easy to understand and administer. It comes with excellent support, training, and continues to be a smart investment for our practices success.

Emily Monson, PT
Clear Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software has changed the way we handle workman's compensation. I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 17 years and I have had experience with 2 other systems and there is no comparison as OccuPro is hands down the most therapist and time friendly system. The reports are not only easy to read but extremely professional in appearance. Very pleased to be using this system.

Verlinda Henshaw, OTD, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Performance & Rehab

The Functional Discharge Summary has become such a useful tool that our referral sources have increased the number of work comp patients they send to our practice specifically because they receive these reports.

Sandra Zach, LPTA
Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

The Return-to-Work Software separated us from our competitors because we were the only clinic providing physicians with what our patients could do for return-to-work in a one page document.

Scott Smith, OTR/L, Owner
Accelerated Therapy and Rehab Specialists

The Functional Capacity Evaluation Software lets us re-assess our worker's compensation patients from the acute outpatient musculoskeletal re-assessment, to the functional re-assessment and lastly their Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Dale Lyon, PT, Owner
Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

I have a demand for FCEs to be done in my area and will benefit from having knowledge of the FCE process and software. They will make the process quicker and more professional in appearance.

Jeffrey Eckert, PT, DPT, SCS, CWcHP
Full Range PT

OccuPro's Return-to-Work and Functional Capacity Evaluation Software has been invaluable in starting our return-to-work program. It has streamlined my efforts and saved me countless hours of documentation by hand. On top of that, the online format lets me document as I go with my FCE’s and Work Hardening Evaluations from anywhere making the process smoother and more accurate as a new evaluator. OccuPro’s software was a great investment that has greatly enhanced the services we can provide.

John Flagg, ATC, PES, CES, USAW1, FMS
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

The Return-to-Work Software has added improved value to our workers' compensation treatment by providing streamlined reports that are comprehensive yet information is easily found. Case managers and adjusters love these reports. I've received many compliments in this area of practice from payers. 

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE
Magnolia Regional Health Center
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