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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration

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Integration Benefits

OccuPro's Software supports two-way interfacing with Raintree's EMR. By utilizing this interface, data sharing between the two programs becomes seamless and allows clinical staff to have instant access to patient demographic information from Raintree within OccuPro.

Every Functional Capacity Evaluation, Functional Progress Note, and WH/WC Evaluation is transferred back into Raintree and attached to the appropriate patient visit to expedite the billing process and ensure patient data accuracy between systems.

  • Return-on-investment in one month
  • Unlimited ROI potential
  • 100% increase in workers' comp referrals
  • 400% increase in work conditioning referrals
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"The single sign on interface OccuPro has with Raintree Systems improves the efficiency of our therapists, is seamless, and the overall user experience is exceptional."

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