Functional Capacity Evaluation
(FCE) Software

"I have been trained in multiple FCE systems and have been using my own testing method for years. I recently switched to OccuPro and it is lightning fast and I love it!"

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Our Functional Capacity Evaluation Software is known for being the fastest FCE completion and report generation system on the market. The system determines if your client is putting forth full and consistent effort and whether their pain reports are reliable. It determines the exact percentage of the job an injured employee can perform and can be used for disability purposes. The software knows if you are performing a baseline FCE (tests the overall physical demands of gainful employment) or a job specific FCE (compares functional abilities to the physical demands of a job) and will change your reports accordingly.

The reports speak the language of physicians, insurance carriers, and employers making it convenient for everyone involved in getting an injured employee back to work. With post test documentation automatically populated and completed in minutes, along with unlimited clinical/technical support, our FCE Software is the easy choice for any clinic looking to increase referrals and grow their business.

Cover Letter, FCE, and RTW Recommendations sitting on table

Fast Report Generation

  • Fastest FCE software on the market.
  • Takes care of 80% of your standard documentation.
  • You have the ability to store your own documentation to make each functional capacity evaluation process faster.
  • Whether performing a job specific, baseline, extremity specific, or Social Security FCE, your report is completed and ready to be sent to the referral source within minutes of the patient exiting your practice.

FCE Report

  • Reports are easy-to-read.
  • Reports are deemed best on the market by insurance carriers.
  • Reports contain the most important information, are customizable, and are branded with your logos and information.
  • Reports have an easy-to-read job match table and easy-to-decipher representation of effort and pain.
  • Can be printed as a 1 or 15-page report.
Caseworker reading a Functional Capacity Evaluation on a tablet
Employer reading a Cover Letter on a mobile device

Cover Letter

  • Auto-generated report summarizing the results of your FCE.
  • Approved by many workers' compensation insurance companies.

High Level Decision Making

  • Auto-calculates the percentage of the job your client can perform.
  • Determines whether the client puts forth full effort or not.
  • The high level decisions are baked into the software for perfect dissemination of the most important data.
Evaluation Results screenshots
Consistency of Effort screenshot

Consistency of Effort & Reliability of Pain

  • Consistency of effort and reliability of pain is automatically calculated throughout the assessment.
  • You will know exactly whether your client did their best during the FCE and whether their pain can be used to make functional decisions.
  • During or following a functional capacity evaluation you can see exactly which of the 35 included consistency of effort tests and 67 included reliability of pain tests are consistent/inconsistent or reliable/unreliable.

Return-to-Work Recommendations

  • Generates a recommendation sheet outlining the specific abilities of your client following a job specific or a general purpose/baseline functional capacity evaluations.
  • Used by clinicians as a simple outline to the referral source regarding a client’s abilities.
Return-to-Work Recommendations sitting on a desk
Job Demands Analysis screenshot

Job Demands Analysis

  • Includes a repository of job descriptions that you can immediately pull up and import into your test, saving you valuable time.

Reliability & Validity Research

  • We have been performing FCE research on this system since 2009 and continue to perform research every year.
  • "An Evaluation of the Inter-Rater and Intra-Rater Reliability of OccuPro's Functional Capacity Evaluation."
  • "Criterion Validity of the OccuPro FCE in Adult Workers' Compensation Subjects: Predicting Return-to-Work and Sustained Working Ability Relative to Effort and Participation."
Man reading reports for reliability and validity research
Baseline Functional Capacity Evaluation screenshot

General Purpose FCE

  • Automatically recognizes when a general purpose/baseline functional capacity evaluation is performed.
  • Industry best disability based report.
  • The generated reports are considered the easiest-to-read reports on the market by several disability companies.

Physical Residual FCE

  • Supports Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) functional capacity evaluations.
  • Designed to perform a shortened functional capacity evaluation that specifically meets the needs of SSDI and SSI FCEs.
  • Tests can be completed within 2 hours.
Physical Residual Functional Capacity Assessment screenshot
Job Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation screenshot

Job Specific FCE

  • Report automatically modifies to showcase job match documentation.
  • Determines the exact percentage of full duty work a client can perform.
  • The job specific FCE report format is favorited by a number of workers’ compensation insurance carriers and third party administrative companies.

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What People Say About Us

I have a demand for FCEs to be done in my area and will benefit from having knowledge of the FCE process and software. They will make the process quicker and more professional in appearance.

Jeffrey Eckert, PT, DPT, SCS, CWcHP
Full Range PT

OccuPro's Return-to-Work and Functional Capacity Evaluation Software has been invaluable in growing our return-to-work program. It has streamlined my efforts and saves me countless hours of documentation by hand. On top of that, the online format lets me document as I go making the process smoother and more accurate. The OccuPro Software was a great investment that has greatly enhanced the services we provide.

John Flagg, ATC, PES, CES, USAW1, FMS
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

My second FCE using OccuPro was ready to send to the doctor right after completing the evaluation. I had previously been using a different FCE system and was never before able to complete my report on the same day as the test.

Elizabeth Gaffron, MOTR/L, LMT

The Functional Progress Notes and Functional Discharge Summaries are a great addition and the FCE Software has greatly cut down documentation time!

Jason Augustine
Physiotherapy Associates

I really liked the small class environment. I felt comfortable asking any questions and any/all questions were well answered. All of the hands-on training and the FCE practicum was beneficial. I also really liked the software and its ease of use.

Sarah Hellenbrand
Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital

I have used the OccuPro Software at two different clinics. I have been impressed at the ease of use and how much time I save. The reports are impressive and provide a huge advantage in marketing efforts when meeting with physicians and companies. I highly recommend this software.

Brandi Meyer, ATC/l.LPTA, CIRS
Occupational Performance & Rehab

I have been using OccuPro's Software for more than 8 years. It is an excellent tool! Every provider in my practice has had the training and it has helped us be efficient with our workers' comp patients for functional testing and updates. We are also involved in post-offer pre-employment testing for area industries. OccuPro has made the reports easy to understand and administer. It comes with excellent support, training, and continues to be a smart investment for our practices success.

Emily Monson, PT
Clear Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

I have been doing FCEs since 2009 and have never had a physician call me regarding the FCE results. Within weeks of implementing OccuPro's FCE Software and reports, I was phoned by two physicians wanting to go over the results. The physicians stated they really liked how easy the reports were to understand and pull information from. The nurse case managers were also very pleased with the reports.

Mark Liley, MSPT
Physiotherapy Associates

I currently use every feature within the software and remain very pleased with its ease of use and clear concise reports. The time saved on generating reports is phenomenal!

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE
Magnolia Regional Health Center

OccuPro is an awesome resource and their customer service is impeccable!

Blake Alvey, MS, OTR/L

I have been trained in multiple FCE systems and have been using my own FCE testing method for years. I recently switched to OccuPro. It is lightning fast and I love it!

Gwen Eshleman, PT, CDE-II
Team Rehabilitation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation Software lets us re-assess our workers' compensation patients from the acute outpatient musculoskeletal re-assessment to the functional re-assessment and lastly their functional capacity evaluations.

Dale Lyon, PT, Owner
Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists


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