Injury Prevention Software

Innovative web-based and user-friendly system that compliments your early intervention and injury prevention strategies.

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This Incident Management Software is a web-based, user-friendly system to compliment your early intervention and injury prevention strategies. You will find it to be the right balance of technology and personal care to help engage employees keeping them healthy, productive, and safe. Injury prevention programs partnered with this powerful system help companies reduce incidents by an average of 50%-75%!

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Time Tracking

This feature allows you to manage your staff in the field. You can now keep track of time spent on-site and off-site and use that data to provide accurate billing for your services.

ROI Calculator

The system allows you to use your real data and input any assumptions to create an accurate return on investment for your employer contacts.

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Your dashboard will provide you with real-time data on your total musculoskeletal incidents, work related vs non work related, average visits per case and allows you to quickly sort top body parts affected.


Easily document each injury prevention visit. Employer has access to work-related visits.

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For your convenience, our Incident Management Software allows you to schedule future appointments and edit/view upcoming appointments via your dashboard at any time.

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