Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) Software

"Employers rave about OccuPro's Post Offer Employment Testing Software. They love the comprehensiveness of the reports, yet they applaud their simplicity."

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Our Post Offer/Pre Employment Testing Software is the only system that doesn't make you test in a specific method. Instead it allows you to design and perform your POETs from scratch, based on an essential function analysis or store previously designed tests from any device that has an internet connection. The system automatically determines if a candidate passes or fails the test based on your design or it can provide baseline placement data for your customers. When performing pass/fail testing the software will automatically calculate and easily disseminate pass/fail outcome data.

Employer reading a Post Offer Employment Test

Post Offer Employment Test

  • Design your own custom conditional offer of employment test.
  • Design is based on testing the essential functions of the job.
  • Perform testing anywhere in the world on our web based software.
  • Pass/fail results are immediately determined and the 1-page report can be sent directly to the employer's contact within seconds.

Job Transfer Test

  • Take your already created post offer employment tests and perform them as job transfer tests.
  • If your client is unable to perform the essential functions associated with the jobs physical demands, you can easily use the accommodation feature to list all of the jobs the employee can perform.
Employer reading a Job Transfer Test on a tablet
Employer reading a Fit-for-Duty Test on a mobile device

Fit-for-Duty Test

  • Allows you to easily perform fit-for-duty testing whether it is a work related or non-work related fit-for-duty/essential function test.
  • The software is designed so your POETs can easily turn into a fit-for-duty test. If your client is unable to perform essential functions, you can use the accommodation feature to see other jobs the employee can perform.

Pass/Fail Outcome Data

  • The software will generate pass/fail outcome data based on overall pass/fail rates, by employer, and by job title.
  • Each data points is determined by gender, age, and minority status.
  • Automatically calculates adverse impact and notifies you if you've exceeded less than 80% of the highest group according to the 4/5th's rule.
Pass/Fail Outcome Data screenshot
Job Demand Analysis sitting on a desk

Job Demand Analysis (JDA)

  • Provides an easy to use essential function analysis in which you can define either the physical demands or job replication tests associated with the essential functions.
  • You can customize this report to decide which essential function to test, how to test it, and how to display it in your POET and whether it is a pass/fail test or not.

Job Description

  • Includes performing a high level JDA that allows you to create a custom job description that you can send to the employer for the sign off on the essential functions.
  • The layout of the job description shows the specific physical demands associated with each essential function for an easy transition to your post offer employment test creation.
Job Description screenshot

See how the Post Offer/Pre Employment Testing Software can help your clinic!

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What People Say About Us

I currently use every feature within the software and remain very pleased with its ease of use and clear concise reports. The time saved on generating reports is phenomenal!

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE
Magnolia Regional Health Center

OccuPro is an awesome resource and their customer service is impeccable!

Blake Alvey, MS, OTR/L

I have been using OccuPro's Software for more than 8 years. It is an excellent tool! Every provider in my practice has had the training and it has helped us be efficient with our workers' comp patients for functional testing and updates. We are also involved in post-offer pre-employment testing for area industries. OccuPro has made the reports easy to understand and administer. It comes with excellent support, training, and continues to be a smart investment for our practices success.

Emily Monson, PT
Clear Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

Using OccuPro's Post Offer/Pre Employment Testing Software has grown our practice because employers rave about the comprehensiveness of the reports, yet they applaud their simplicity.

Scott Salisbury, ATC
Kewanee Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

I have used the OccuPro Software at two different clinics. I have been impressed at the ease of use and how much time I save. The reports are impressive and provide a huge advantage in marketing efforts when meeting with physicians and companies. I highly recommend this software.

Brandi Meyer, ATC/l.LPTA, CIRS
Occupational Performance & Rehab


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