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Increase your workers' compensation and work conditioning referrals

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"I currently use every feature within the RTW Software and remain very pleased with its ease of use and clear concise reports. The time saved on generating reports is phenomenal!"

Don Harrison Jr. MS, ATC, CFCE - Magnolia Regional Health Center

OccuPro's Return-to-Work (RTW) Software is the only system on the market with insurance company approved workers' compensation initial therapy evaluations, progress notes, discharge summaries, work hardening/conditioning evaluation, and weekly work conditioning progress notes. Clinics who implement OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software often see a doubling of workers'  compensation referrals and a tripling of work conditioning referrals to their clinic within months of implementation. Interested in our RTW Software?

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Physician reading a Functional Progress Note

Functional Progress Note

  • Workers' compensation approved return-to-work specific progress notes are quickly becoming an industry standard.
  • Provides objective functional return-to-work data during the episode of outpatient rehabilitation following a 15 to 30 minute functional re-evaluation.
  • Separates you from your competition and showcases your specialty as a workers’ compensation specialty clinic.

Functional Discharge Summary

  • Workers' compensation approved discharge summary.
  • Performed on the very last visit of outpatient therapy and determines if your workers' compensation patient should be discharged and returned to work or should enter your work hardening/conditioning program.
  • These notes typically refer 25% of your patients directly into your work hardening/conditioning program.
Physician looking over a Functional Discharge Summary on a mobile device
Work Hardening/Conditioning Evaluation sitting on a desk

Work Hardening/Conditioning Evaluation

  • No other software system has an initial Work Hardening/Conditioning Evaluation like OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software.
  • Report shows you the exact percentage of return-to-work ability following the evaluation.
  • Software decides the length of stay based on work hardening research.
  • Work conditioning software automatically creates long term goals
Physician reading a Patient Progress Note on a tablet

Patient Progress Note

  • Ideal for medical practices looking to provide workers’ compensation approved documentation.
  • Includes a traditional musculoskeletal based patient progress note.
  • Used during functional testing to determine a patients return-to-work, full duty status is contraindicated.
Job Demands Analysis screenshot

Job Demands Analysis

  • Includes a repository of job descriptions that you can immediately pull up and import into your test saving you valuable time.
Return-to-Work Recommendations sitting on a desk

RTW Recommendations

  • Generates a one-page recommendation sheet outlining the specific abilities of your client.
  • Used by clinicians as a simple outline to the referral source regarding their client’s abilities.

What People Say About Us

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software is a great tool, that keeps improving!

Scott Rea
Patterson Medical

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software works like it was made just for me! Thanks Jim! 

Joan Korpi, OTR
Flambeau Hospital

We have been using the software since April 2013. The reports have been a great asset to our return-to-work program. The ability to provide objective information in an easy to read format has been very well accepted by case managers and physicians. Also, thank you for providing a very informative FCE + RTW + WH/WC Certification Course. It was very easy to get everything in place and functional afterwards.

Tracey Hatcher, LAT, CSCS
Advance Rehabilitation

I invested in OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software because it quantified my instincts. I had a complete return on my investment within 2 months and began seeing a nice increase in revenue. The FCE + RTW + WH/WC Certification Course, along with the software and ongoing support, greatly enhanced my workers' compensation clinical offerings - BRILLIANT!

Keith Hatch, PT, OCS
Omni Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Performing Job Demands Analysis using the Return-to-Work Software is extremely simple. Employers tell me all of the time that they love the reports that I send them!

Joan Korpi, OTR/L, CEA
Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software is the most thorough, informative and easy to use program for testing the level of an injured worker. Being a physical therapist and clinic owner, specializing in the treatment of the injured worker for 13 years, I have found that this program saves me time and makes me money. I have tried many systems and OccuPro's Software produces concise and easy to read reports. I thank Jim Mecham for developing such a great product!

Al Flores, PT, CFCE
Function 1st Physical Therapy

I have used OccuPro's Software at two different clinics. I have been impressed at the ease of use and how much time I save. The reports are impressive and provide a huge advantage in marketing efforts when meeting with physicians and companies. I highly recommend this software. 

Brandi Meyer, ATC/l.LPTA, CIRS
Occupational Performance & Rehab

I found OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software very easy to use, thorough and perfectly organized. The reports are generated quickly. They are clear and easy to read and easy to understand to either clinicians and non clinicians. I highly recommend this product, it really works. 

Marcin Cwikla, PT
Function 1st Physical Therapy

The Return-to-Work Software separated us from our competitors because we were the only clinic providing physicians with what our patients could do for return-to-work in a one page document.

Scott Smith, OTR/L, Owner
Accelerated Therapy and Rehab Specialists

OccuPro's Return-to-Work and Functional Capacity Evaluation Software has been invaluable in starting our return-to-work program. It has streamlined my efforts and saved me countless hours of documentation by hand. On top of that, the online format lets me document as I go with my FCE’s and Work Hardening Evaluations from anywhere making the process smoother and more accurate as a new evaluator. OccuPro’s software was a great investment that has greatly enhanced the services we can provide.

John Flagg, ATC, PES, CES, USAW1, FMS
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

OccuPro's Return-to-Work Software is thorough and informative but easily navigated during your assessment process. Our referral sources have been extremely happy with the generated reports.

Erich Herkloz, MPT, Cert. MDT, CSCS
Strive Physical Therapy

I had Dr's begin referring their workers' compensation patients exclusively to me because of the high quality Functional Progress Notes™ they were receiving.

Mark Smith, PT, Owner
Rice Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists
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