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Save time and increase revenue with OccuPro + WebPT, the rehab therapy industry’s top integrated solution for workers’ compensation documentation.

OccuPro and WebPT have teamed up to deliver a seamless integrated workers’ comp documentation system. Now you can easily determine when workers’ comp patients are ready to return to work and when they should enter your work hardening or work conditioning program. Thanks to this two-way integration, therapists can:

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    Improve documentation for workers’ comp cases

    OccuPro houses workers’ compensation approved initial evaluations, progress notes, work hardening/work conditioning evaluations, and discharge summaries. The built-in functional progress notes and functional discharge summaries replace traditional musculoskeletal progress and discharge notes, thus empowering therapists to make more informed decisions about each patient’s readiness to return to full-duty work.
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    Reduce manual processes

    Patient data automatically flows between OccuPro and WebPT, so there is no need for double data entry or file faxing.
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    Increase revenue

    On average, clinics leveraging the OccuPro + WebPT integration double their workers’ comp referrals and triple their work conditioning referrals.
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    Save time on evals

    Streamline FCEs and finalize reports in minutes.

Simply register the patient in WebPT and follow your typical documentation workflow. Whenever you finalize a note, the information will automatically flow to OccuPro. Then, perform your OccuPro evaluation or re-evaluation, and the corresponding documents will automatically flow back into WebPT, where they will be stored and billed.

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"Knowing I have the support of WebPT behind me is a huge benefit to my business."
Eric Christensen, Owner, Chandler Physical Therapy

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