Software Integrations

OccuPro supports integrating with most EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Record) systems and integrations usually follow one of these common approaches:

HL7 diagram


This integration utilizes a two-way interface that shares data between two programs and allows clinical staff to have instant access to patient information.


We developed an API that supports one and two-way communication. Our recommended two-way interfacing approach adds the most value and represents a complete full circle solution that offers the most flexibility and allows for a secure and efficient data sharing process.

API diagram
SSO diagram


Single Sign-On (SS0) allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any related, independent, systems. After the user logs into their EHR system, they are automatically logged into the OccuPro portal and are ready to perform tests.

Current Integrations

Raintree System logo API SSO
Prompt logo API SSO
WebPT logo HL7
Epic logo HL7
Cerner logo HL7

Interested in integrating your current EHR/EMR system with OccuPro? Send us a message.


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